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Fanatic Stand Up Paddling


Fanatic SUP (Stand Up Paddling)

Fanatic SUP is one of the world's leading watersport brands. The brand's long-lasting success can be accredited to decades of experience and the three pillars of Fanatic's corporate philosophy - quality, innovation and service. Fanatic SUP's well-known reputation is based on their uncompromising passion for their products.

Fanatic SUP – Philosophy

The Fanatic SUP team is driven by the desire to produce dream boards. That might sound simple, but Fanatic SUP is absolutely committed to overcoming the challenges to achieve their goal. The Fanatic philosophy is imbued with everything this entails: quality, innovation, knowledge, experience, reliability, integrity, an ocean minded spirit – and above all, passion!


Fanatic SUP – Product Range

Fanatic SUP offers a comprehensive range of inflatables plus composites and foil boards. We have the full Fanatic SUP range for you in our online shop:



  • Fanatic SUP Composites
    The Fanatic Composite range has undergone various detailed enhancements to further improve performance and exceed customer expectations. The general design trend is for boards to be narrower to optimise their top speed. Minor modifications have made the Fanatic Falcon, Fanatic Blitz and Fanatic Ray Race models and the touring boards significantly faster without losing any of their stability.


  • Fanatic SUP Foiling
    The Fanatic Foil range has been upgraded with various features to improve its capabilities in steeper waves without losing any of the benefits it offers in terms of handling and catching smaller waves. The Fanatic Sky SUP and Fanatic Sky Wing models are also ideal for getting started with wing foils.



Fanatic SUP (Stand Up Paddling) – Technology & Innovation

Fanatic SUP's product developers are absolutely committed to designing the best boards ever created. To achieve this goal, Fanatic is committed to three key philosophies:


  • Quality: Starting with precise 3D CAD shapes, through the use of the finest and most innovative materials, and culminating in unparalleled final checks on every product, every customer is guaranteed to get a Fanatic Board of the highest possible quality when it comes to construction and design.
  • Innovation: The aim of board development is to fine-tune the shape concept as specifically as possible to perform at every level and in every application area. And this is done while never losing sight of a second, equally important feature: the boards should be as easy as possible to ride and sufficiently flexible to handle all sorts of different conditions. This is essential to guarantee enjoyment and a successful experience on the water.
  • Service: Customer feedback is just as important to the Fanatic SUP team as input from riders. After all, the boards were ultimately designed for you!


Here is an excerpt from the technological highlights you can expect from Fanatic SUP:


  • CST – Custom Surf Technology: Fanatic's Custom Surf Technology combines a lightweight custom laminate with features such as carbon strips, Vector Net and bamboo reinforcements. These ensure precisely the required blend of flex and stability for the Fanatic ProWave and Fanatic Sky surf boards.
  • VCT – Vector Net Technology: Vector Net technology comes with stringer and bamboo reinforcements in key locations, offering an exceptional stability-to-weight ratio with particularly robust edges and a direct, responsive feel under your feet. VCT technology can be found in the following Fanatic SUPs: Fanatic Sky SUP, Fanatic Stubby, Fanatic AllWave, Fanatic Fly and Fanatic Diamond
  • BS – Bamboo Sandwich Technology: A lightweight bamboo and fibreglass design with excellent stability and a unique appearance. Special reinforcements mean that even harder impacts can be absorbed. Very lightweight, sturdy design with an elegant wooden appearance, offering excellent value for money. The Fanatic Stylemaster depends on this technology.


Fanatic SUP (Stand Up Paddling) – Sustainability

Fanatic SUP is aware of its responsibility and the influence a brand can have in making our environment cleaner and "greener". That is why Fanatic SUP is committed to using sustainable materials in its production, packaging and distribution. The colour green represents a healthy environment and Fanatic SUP is doing everything it can to ensure our environment stays green. The main goal when developing new products is to minimise the environmental footprint by consistently increasing the proportion of sustainable materials used. By using ozone-free foams, dyed resin instead of sprayed colour designs and by reducing packaging and having environmentally friendly production facilities, Fanatic SUP is making improvements every year. Special mention should go to the Fanatic Fly Eco, which has become a flagship product for an ocean minded approach.