2017 Cabrinha Fireball Spreader Bar


Note: This is only the spreader bar.

Fireball launches kitesurfing into a new era of performance and simplicity in design. It is the first kite connection system that is purpose built for kitesurfing from the ground up. The unique design harnesses the specific forces and movements of kiteboarding, and combines them with ergonomic form facts to create a kite connection which is a seamless extension of your body.



fireball cabrinha

cabrinha fireball bar

fireball cabrinha

cabrinha fireball bar

cabrinha fireball bar

cabrinha fireball bar

cabrinha fireball bar

cabrinha fireball bar

cabrinha fireball bar



From the moment you connect to 2017 Cabrinha FireballĀ  you will immediately feel the difference the ball and socket connection makes. Fireball focuses the pull of the kite directly to your core where it becomes a part of your body, seamlessly translating your body movements into an immediate kite reaction with a smooth, frictionless motion.


Fireball uses our 1X security system. To activate 1X you pull the Quick Release. Once activated, the load is immediately transferred directly to the 1X landing line. The kite is instantly depowered and will rest itself on the water or land. If you need to completely disconnect from the kite you can pull the QR2 which is located at the base of the leash.


Fireball’s ball and socket interface is a semi-circular fitting that brings the pivot point of the connection much closer to your body than a traditional hook and loop. The low profile design keeps the spreader bar from rotating into your body when the pull of the kite comes from overhead. This translates to up to 50% less force against your body than a traditional hook and loop system.


To reconnect the system you insert the pin through the tower, pull up the QR, and drop it back over the pin. It literally takes less than 3 seconds to reconnect.


One of the most unique things about Fireball is its intelligent locking gate. Unlike a loop/security pin system, AUTOLOCKā„¢ is positioned on the spreader bar so that it can be locked and unlocked on the fly. The secure gate design automatically seats itself into position and provides a friction free method to keep Fireball engaged into the socket. This system replaces the need for a security pin that binds, and can be clumsy and awkward to engage and disengage.


The entire Fireball eco system is fully integrated. The way to ensure the proper function of the connection system is to control every aspect of it. When you connect a traditional loop system to a random spreader bar there is no way of guaranteeing the security will function properly. With Fireball we are able to control the entire security process. There is nothing left to chance.


A traditional hook and loop can be binding when the kite flies from side to side. It can be made even worse when a security pin is inserted. Fireball is a non-binding system which allows free, unrestricted movement no matter where the kite is located in the window.


With the unique design of the Fireball and its auto locking gate, foul hooking is a thing of the past.


The low profile ball and socket and friction free movement will immediately upgrade any kite and harness by delivering more control, security, and comfort than ever before.


We questioned and debated why we were still using a hook and loop connection system that dates back to the early windsurfing era, when it clearly wasn’t designed for our sport. Kiteboarding has a completely different set of forces and connection requirements than windsurfing. So we set out to build the ultimate connection system from the bottom up. Fireball is the first kiteboarding connection purpose built to take into account the unique movements and forces created by a kite.