As a customer, you can now get basically the same price on your gear from any retailer. Many of those retailers are little more than internet-based non-kiters operating out of a warehouse with little in the way of overhead cost. We are not one of those. We are kiters who have dedicated our lives to making sure every kiter out there is safe and happy. So, not only do we sell gear we believe in, but we also have a state-of-the-art on-site repair facility.

Blown seams, tears, snags, holes, burns, scratches, cuts, explosions, rips and bites caused by faulty manufacturing, poor piloting, sheer accident, acts of terrorism, clumsy children, forces of nature, or hands of God…we’ve got you taken care of.

With a team of seamsters that studied under Dave O’Connor, we can fix anything from a 1 inch hole to complete “tear in half” rips.

We charge $40 an hour, and if you would like an estimate before the repair, please indicate so on the form. 

CLICK HERE to download a repair form and email

For any questions, feel free to call our shop at 415.922.5483

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