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About us



When we first saw kiteboarding there was no turning back

What started as a way to not have a “real job” turned into a lifetime of fun and friends.


The team at Calikites have been supplying kiteboarders with the best gear like DUOTONE, ION, FANATIC SUP, NORTH, MYSTIC, CABRINHA, WMFG, DAKINE and XCEL WETUSITS for over a decade.



Calikites is a dedicated kiteboarding shop in the heart of San Francisco. We take pride in our customer service and knowledge of kiteboarding and kitesurfing equipment. Call or stop by our shop for the best information on where to kiteboard in the area or find the latest kiteboarding gear.



Also in the spirit of anything fun, we became involved with Electric Vehicles. Electric skateboards, OneWheels, E-Bikes, Electric Unicycles and Scooters that go 50mph. We have been ripping around on all of them and have a great community that is as diverse and welcoming as they come. Stop by anytime and take a demo out and try to remove the smile from your face after you go 24mph on a full carbon electric skateboard.


We appreciate all of our customers who have been on this ride with us. Some of you have become lifelong friends and we may or may not owe you some beers. Thanks to all involved and we look forward to meeting many more of you down the road!