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Duotone Kiteboarding


Duotone Kiteboarding products represent the most advanced technologies, unrivalled quality, unwavering passion, continuous refinement and exceptional performance.


Whatever kite developments come to mind over the last 20 years - Duotone Kiteboarding has shaped the sport as well as the equipment used for kitesurfing and kiteboarding: Duotone Kiteboarding was there for the first downwind ride from Ho’okipa to Kanaha. Since 1998, Duotone Kiteboarding has been finetuning its products on the beach at Maui, by the Baltic Sea and in Tarifa, experimenting with directionals, twintips, dual lines, 4 and 5-lines and developing kites with C-shapes, D-shapes and safety bars. This drive for improvement has always been motivated by a desire for the Duotone Kiteboarding brand to develop the most innovative and highest quality sports equipment for use in wind and on the water.


But a brand is nothing without people, and the same is true for the individuals behind the Duotone Kiteboarding name. Duotone Kiteboarding is backed by all the employees at Boards & More, who have been shaping and developing the sport of kitesurfing since 2001. Duotone Kiteboarding is the sum of all those kitesurfing enthusiasts, who are passionate about their sport and who pour all their knowledge and expertise into developing the best kites and boards.

Why not join the Duotone Kiteboarding family and rediscover your passion with brand-new Duotone Kiteboarding equipment!



Product Range

Duotone Kiteboarding aims to provide the best products in every area of kite sport, right down to the smallest niche! That’s why we offer tube kites, mat kites, different bar systems, twintips, surfboards, foilboards, backpacks, travel bags, apparel and much more.


Highlights in the product range include the legendary Duotone kites:



The benchmark in terms of twintip design is set by the Duotone Jaime Textreme, Duotone Select and Duotone Team Series kiteboards, among others.


The shape of the Duotone surfboards developed by Sky Solbach has set the paradigm for surfboard design. The innovative Duotone Pro Series is the ultimate on the surfboard market! Legendary directionals and surfboards include the Duotone Pro Session, Duotone Pro Wam, Duotone Pro Whip and Duotone Pro Voke.

A carefully considered range of large foils offers the perfect option from freeriding to racing, from the Duotone Carve to the Duotone Daytona.


The Duotone Click Bar allows you to power and depower in a unique way while being exceptionally comfortable and completely safe. The product range is in a league of its own, and we have the entire Duotone Kiteboarding selection for you in our online shop.



Technology & Innovation

Not a day goes by without product testing going on somewhere in the world by one of the Duotone developers or team riders out on the water. Duotone Kiteboarding has the great fortune that its entire team is passionate about developing the sport. Light years have passed since the early days of kiting to the very latest technology, and there is no sign of this coming to a halt. That’s exactly what makes it so exciting!


The Duotone Kiteboarding R&D team doesn’t react to trends, it prefers to set trends itself, opening up new possibilities on the water with innovative products. The best example of this kind of innovation is the kiteboarding click bar. No other manufacturer can offer such a comfortable, secure and unique bar ready for mass production.




All Duotone Kiteboarding kites, boards and bars are produced in a climate-neutral manner. This means all CO2 emissions resulting from production and transportation are offset. Duotone Kiteboarding has set itself the task of keeping the oceans and atmosphere clean and helping the earth remain healthy. Unfortunately, the production of kiteboarding materials still has an environmental footprint and Duotone Kiteboarding is gradually working to minimize this as far as possible. With this in mind, Duotone Kiteboarding is developing more environmentally friendly packaging, optimizing its transport logistics, sourcing recyclable materials and developing more sustainable production processes. In addition, support is offered to organizations that contribute to the protection of our planet and Duotone Kiteboarding runs regular global “Clean Beach Days”, during which rubbish is collected and disposed of appropriately - “Save our playgrounds!”